Revision 1 (23.01.2004)
     This is  Amiga-1251 character set,  it was originally developed back in
 1992 and has slowly  evolved to what it is now.  This  page  specifies  the
 Amiga-1251 character set that is used for development of russian locale for
 Amiga range of computers  and  Amiga OS 4  (see  It is also
 planned to be used in MorphOS, AROS and other Amiga OS derived projects.

     This character set was initially based on ISO-8859-1,  it also includes
 ISO-8859-15 Euro sign, Numero Sign and the Windows-1251 cyrillic chars 168,
 184,  192-255.   (The cyrillic symbols have matched the Windows-1251 purely
 by accident but now play a very important role in terms of compatibility to
 reading  the  many  text files that come in that format without the need to
 convert  them).   The  character  set  name  suggests  that  it is an Amiga
 character  set  and that it is very close related to 1251.  The decision to
 develop  a  new  charset  was  chosen  due  to  the  fact that Windows-1251
 character set defines characters in the 128-159 range which is reserved for
 system control and escape sequences under AmigaOS and can not be used.

     Charset name: Amiga-1251

     MIBenum: 2104 (see

     Charset aliases: Ami1251, Amiga1251, Ami-1251
     (Aliases are provided for historical reasons and should not be used)

     Suitability for use in MIME text: YES

     Additional information:

     Developed by Michael Malyshev
     ATO-RU (Amiga Translation Organization - Russian Department)
     Email: Michael_Malyshev(at)



Amiga Translation Organization - Russian Department